WIN offers a wide range of scalable and customizable platforms for entry-level, mainstream, and high performance networking solutions. These platforms are selected by OEMs and software developers to support applications that include firewalls, SPAM filtering, VPN, UTM, gateway, router and internet services. WIN has solutions for all levels of environments from small offices to large cloud computing centers.

A modular design approach is taken with many of our high-end platforms for flexibility in I/O configuration. LAN expansion cards meet just about any need for additional capacity for copper and fiber connectivity. Solutions range from a low number of GbE LAN ports to more 128 copper/fiber ports. WIN offers platforms with 10 GbE LAN capabilities; as well as the WIN SoNIC acceleration card that offers support for dual 10 GbE LAN with plans for dual 40 GbE.

We work closely with the major microprocessor manufacturers in order to stay in front of the technology curve with the latest processors. Active components are selected from their embedded component roadmaps. These products are guaranteed for extended product availability. This eliminates expensive surprises for the OEM that can happen with the use of commercial components and their rapid turn-over.


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More: WIN Whitepaper, WIN SoNIC Dual 10GbE PCIe Expansion Board.

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