Gaming Boards
Gaming Boards
MB-73360 -

Mini-ITX SBC with AMD Embedded G-Series (codename "Steppe Eagle") with 2x HDMI, 1x VGA, 2x GbE LAN, 6x COM, 9x USB, 2x SATA, Mini-PCIe, PCIe X16, DC 8V~32V input

MB-83210 -

Mini-ITX SBC with 2nd Generation AMD Embedded R-Series (code name "Bald Eagle"), 4x DP++, DDR3 up to 16GB, 2x GbE, 6x COM, 10x USB, 4x SATA, 2x Mini-PCIe, PCIe X16, DC 8V ~ 32V input

IP-90560 -

PCI Gaming Security & I/O Card, 64 x I/O, NVRAM, Flash ROM, 2nd RTC, 6 Doors Battery Powered Intrusion Detection and optional Authentication Chip

MB-83230 -

Embedded Board Supports 2nd Gen. AMD R-Series APU, 3 Displays (1x to 4K), 2 GbE, 10 COMs, MRAM, FPGA, 15W Audio Amp, JAMMA & Secured I/O

MB-64010 -

Gaming Board with AMD G-Series Embedded processor, VGA, DVI-I, GbE, 4 COM, MRAM, TPM, and a high-level of security capabilities through FPGA and more

MB-63010 -

Gaming Board Supports AMD Embedded R-Series APU, 4 Displays, 2 GbE, 4 COMs, NVRAM, and 72-pin Golden Fingers Connection

MB-80330 -

AMD Fusion APU-based gaming board with DirectX 11, OpenGL 4, 10x COM, 2nd RTC, GbE LAN, and NVRAM

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