Services: Hardware Design, Manufacturing & Fulfillment

WIN Enterprises is a virtual manufacturing division for many of its OEM customers. WIN provides a complete range of vertically integrated customer services that enable this high level of support. Our integrated services span: initial consultation, product design, modification of standard COTS products, contract manufacturing, branding, labeling, software installation, testing, fulfillment and life-cycle management. WIN is different because we design with long-life, embedded components. Because of this, we can guarantee the availability of a design for up to seven years.

   Design, Manufacturing and Extended Customer Services


Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Line


When ordering in standard OEM quantities WIN will modify its COTS standard reference designs based on your more specific technical requirements. We can design fully-custom solutions from the ground up. Much of our business is based on fully custom solutions for companies large and small. Our project approach is to be consultative in arriving at your best-fit solutions. We leverage our relationship with Intel and AMD to design in the latest embedded microprocessor technologies. We are a Affiliate member in the Intel Embedded Alliance and produce reference design directly for Intel.

Products are designed with embedded roadmap components from Intel®, AMD® and others to provide long, predictable life span. This is in contrast to products design with Commercial grade components that can go quickly obsolete. High-touch customer service and long-life products result in long-term customer relationships.


Customer Testimonials

Teledyne LeCroy

During an evaluation of a high bandwidth real-time scope, you provided our company with a high value collection of ideas and perspectives that were beyond the typical and most appreciated. Accurate, articulate and concise feedback at a designer's depth make for a useful and memorable contribution.

Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense Company

You did an excellent job from concept through realization of a single board computer design for an embedded system. Your efforts and execution were key to the project’s success.


As a software consultant, I have worked with you on multiple projects: Linux, Windows, and “bare machine” targets. Portions of these systems were of Matt's design. Your designs were always solid with innovations for lower cost. You were always well prepared for when we were scheduled to work together and knowledgeable of the system hardware. I would be pleased to work with you again in the future.




Assembly/Testing, Taiwan (additional testing before shipment from North America)



Burn-in Room



Modern Warehousing Facilities

  Newest production facilities with our recent expansion 
  WIN Enterprises offers the service of Contract Manufacturing for electronic OEMs. This is an extension to our regular manufacturing services for the boards and platforms we design and customize. We coordinate all ordering, assembly, and delivery for the customer and work with them as the products evolve.  

Small to Large Production Runs

WIN Enterprises is able to address smaller volume runs for our OEM customers. Our manufacturing facilities in Taiwan enable us to be competitive at nearly any production level. Our integrated design teams are located in North Andover, Mass. and Taipei, Taiwan. All facets of our North American and Taiwanese operations are fully ISO 9001 certified.

Regarding services, you may purchase as much or as little as you require. Because a full range of services is delivered by WIN, problems are resolved quickly. Having a single vendor means you always know who to call.

Call WIN Enterprises now at +1 (978) 688-2000 or email to begin a dialogue.





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